Seeing is Believing

Sat, Jan 1st 2011, 00:00

As an Alumni we have all played a role in helping many families over the years. However, we forget that there are stories behind each one of the families we help out. I thought it was appropriate to share this story with all of you before Christmas and let you know that the things we do as Alumni do make an impact in our communities.

Dave Inkepn called me 2 weeks ago about this single Mom and her family. She has been struggling financially and she was recently diagnosed with abdomen cancer. We got the ball rolling quickly and their kids (as well as her) got their new glasses a few days ago. We will help with her 2 year old as well early next year.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is her request and a sample of her comments below:
“I am a hard working single mother who was diagnosed this summer with a cancer tumor in my abdomen, I had to take a leave from work at which time I found out that we do not have disability. Financially it has taken its toll on us and while I do have some coverage at work I can't come up with the money out of pocket to provide glasses.”
...My youngest son is a very entertaining 2 year old and he has a "lazy" eye. We are awaiting an appointment at Children's hospital so that he can get the corrective lens(s) that he needs so that by the time he reaches school age the issue may be corrected. My oldest son also wears glasses and I think there may be a need for my twelve year old daughter. I have not had their eyes tested because I know financially I cannot afford to get the prescriptions filled. I am wearing glasses that are approximately seven years old. I hate to ask for help but unfortunately life gets bumpy along the road. I sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you!”


I received an email from Goal on Sight yesterday, and they are so wonderful!!  Thank you so very much!!  They are not only going to help the kids but they are going to help me as well.

Thank you so very much!!!  I appreciate it so much!  Takes a lot of stress off because I have been trying to figure out how to do this because if our plan changes (and I am certain it will in January) I will regret not getting the glasses for the kids when I had the chance - just can't possibly afford to go without it in the meantime.  I have let them know that I would be more than willing to give them what our plan covers and I will speak with them to let them know I am more than willing to reimburse them for the cost.

I spoke with the kids last night and they are very excited to know that they are getting their eyes checked!  They also mentioned to me a doctor at the Children's hospital that they work with and I am hoping my youngest gets referred there.  I can't wait for him to get the glasses he needs to correct the issue before he reaches school age.  We tend to take sight for granted, but I still remember the first day I got glasses, I couldn't believe the detail there was in life!  I hadn't seen the fine details in a leaf in years.   

You are such a great guy Dave, I don't ever think I will truly be able to share with you how you have touched mine and my families lives!!  Helping us in this way is such a blessing.  As parents we worry about everything our children do and say, and the everyday little things.  But the truth is when we can't provide those things we feel like we have let them down somehow.  Getting sick has taken its toll on my children and the last thing I meant for was that.  It is not their burden to bare, it's just unfortunately left us in bind financially, that effects them.  I was lucky that they think they got all the cancer, I couldn't imagine where we would be if I had to have treatments, we would be homeless by now.

Whether or not I can ever show you - you have made a difference in my family's lives! Thank you Dave!

“This is a picture of our new glasses in the picture!  We all love them and thank you seems so mere of a word when you listen to how excited my daughter is to see everything for the first time in her first pair of glasses!   Thank you , thank you, thank you!”


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